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FAUDI GmbH is a well-known, world-wide operating company for industrial filtration solutions. Our product range comprises filters and automatic filter systems for refinery applications, petrochemical, chemical and water treatment industries, on- and offshore. Furthermore we are specialized in the cleaning and treatment of coolant lubricants of the metalworking industry, steelworks as well as the automotive sector.

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FAUDI does business globally in the filtration and separation technology sector and is your address of choice when it comes to trouble-free system operation. Our decades of experience in the planning and manufacture of filtration plants for the treatment of cooling lubricants as well as filters and filter systems for chemical and petrochemical applications ensure sustainable system availability for our customers. We offer filtration solutions for a broad range of applications.

Our products and services help you to comply with legal regulations, improve performance and at the same time reduce your operating costs. This is because at FAUDI, when we talk about quality, we go far beyond the categories of long service life and trouble-free operation: “Total cost of ownership” (TCO) is an important measure our engineers apply for their development work. From planning and manufacturing to turnkey installation and commissioning, FAUDI is your competent partner.

Seawater Filtration - An application for FAUDI Filters

The use of seawater as process- or cooling water within the on-/offshore industry is usually connected with major contamination issues that have damaging effects upon downstream system components like heat exchangers, etc. In order to prevent negative effects in respect to plant functions, the seawater must be filtered. For this application the Backflush Filter is well suited. In combination with FAUDI's Multi Media Filter the treated seawater can be used for injection into reservoirs.

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Filter separator (type P45)

FAUDI filter separators are used for removing solid and liquid components from process gases and natural gases. The separation of solid and liquid contaminants is accomplished through built-in components such as filter and/or coalescer elements, lamella packets, multi-cyclone packets or a combination of installed components. Particles, ultra-fine droplets and aerosols are separated. FAUDI is able to complement standard sizes in welded construction as needed with project-specific products.

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